Personal Training

If you’re like most people, being diligent about going to the gym is a hard task to accomplish on a regular basis.  It’s so easy to make excuses why you should skip a workout.  You shrug it off for a day or two, a week or even a month. Eventually you stop going entirely.

Let a Good Bodies personal trainer create a workout plan specifically tailored to your body now and move you forward to your ultimate goal. And, as an added bonus, our trainers provide you with the accountability that so many of us desperately need!


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Our one-on-one sessions are built around your schedule, at your pace and for your goals so you can make sure you’re getting the most from every visit.  Since 1994, the Good Bodies trainers have dedicated themselves to creating exercise plans that are enjoyable, empowering and effective.

We’ll help you to:

  • increase your strength, endurance and flexibility
  • reduce your risk for long-term illness and degenerative changes
  • set goals that are specific and measurable
  • stay accountable and interested in your program

Additionally, our program will:

  • fit your schedule
  • maximize the effectiveness of the time you have available to exercise
  • progress you safely to your desired level of fitness
  • empower you to make lasting changes

Schedule a free consultation and let’s talk about your goals.  We’ll discuss which of our certified personal trainers will help you achieve the best results.