Group Classes

When you walk into Good Bodies, you feel at home.  And there’s nowhere this feeling is felt more than in a Group Class.  Our classes offer Body Performance, Pilates and Yoga to meet your complete needs.  Join like-minded peers in one of our group fitness classes and become part of our diverse and welcoming community.

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No matter your fitness level, our highly trained instructors will guide you through a safe and effective workout!

Yoga, Pilates, and Body Performance Schedule

Class descriptions



A fun and invigorating workout that teaches a series of controlled movements utilizing the body’s “core” – abdomen, back and hips.

This exercise regimen is designed to create long, lean muscles while enhancing strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on posture restoration.

The MAT PILATES classes are suitable for any fitness level and many utilize small props to bring additional challenge to your workout.


This is a gentle class perfect for the beginner or as a way to wrap up a long work week. We will focus not only acquainting our bodies with a yoga practice but also re-energizing ourselves with a focus on yin yoga postures and hip openers.

Join us to experience yoga for the first time or as an active recovery from a more intense workout. Either way you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.


Vinyasa-style yoga combines a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing for an intense body-mind workout.

During these classes, we’ll got through a sequence of poses that build both flexibility and strength, applying focus to our breath along the way.  We’ll guide you through each and every pose, making sure that you are getting in and out safely.

Our Vinyasa Yoga classes are open to all skill levels, body types and abilities.



Community is the key to our success and moral support comes with the package. We offer a group-training fitness program that makes working out more fun and motivating. All of the women you work out with have been in your shoes, and they won’t judge you no matter how new you are to fitness.

When you start your fitness training program, we will set you up on a path to success. Every woman here cares about feeling good inside and out, and we want you to be happy with yourself, too. Our goal is to eliminate the self-consciousness, fear and uncertainty that comes with making lifestyle changes to help uncover the healthiest version of you possible. That’s what Body Performance is all about.