While rehabilitation is most related to the exercise program immediately following a sports injury or surgery, it should also be considered as a strategy for injury prevention.  And, since injuries do not discriminate by age or profession, this strategy is particularly beneficial to older adults / seniors.  

Additionally, rehabilitation therapy can help older adults / seniors retain their independence by improving their general health and mobility.  The goal of any physical therapy exercise program is to help restore and improve functionality, reduce pain and increase mobility for better strength and balance.  

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The knowledge and expertise a Good Bodies trainer can provide can help you prevent or reduce issues before they arise and make it easier for you to stay healthy and independent.    


The balance of our muscles and joints from side to side, front to back and top to bottom influences the way we stand, sit, walk, breathe and sleep.  By utilizing special exercise techniques, we are able to address any muscular imbalances, joint instabilities and limitations in range of motion within your body.