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From the Captain's Post 3/3/19

I am very happy to bring the end of the January competition to a close by announcing our top ranked individuals and prize winners.  Before I do that, let me say I’m very happy each one of you participated.  Whether you followed the challenge religiously, or learned just one more habit to add to your daily routine, any little bit, done continuously, helps in your quest for health. 

What we’ve found from previous competitions, is losing body fat can be much more challenging than expected.  Losing weight is easy, just don’t eat much.  The problem is you will lose muscle and fat at the same time and once you eat normally again, the weight returns as quickly as it left. To lose body fat takes a combination of getting enough calories, protein, and water with strength training to maintain or gain muscle, but not so many calories to encourage fat storage. 

If you did not achieve your desired result with the challenge don’t worry, it’s a work in progress for all of us, and by doing the competition, you have learned some valuable information.  Please feel free to contact me, your trainer, or one of our dietitians to make a plan going forward.

Without further suspense, the top three women based on improvements in body fat %, pushups, and total points tracked (counted as double the weight of the other categories):

1.  Julie Foster
2.  Karen Ickes
3.  Catherine Tulman

The top three men:

1.  Andre Smith
2.  John Zimmerman
3.  Ed Choung

Well done all! A full list of results will be posted on the bulletin board in the middle room of Good Bodies.  (If you did not come in for your final Seca test, your name will not show up on the list.)

Thanks again for making this a fun and productive 6 weeks!


Cash prizes awarded to top 3 finishers in both men and women's categories:

1st place: $250.00   2nd place: $175.00  3rd place: $125.00

An additional $100 awarded as Good Bodies account credit for weekly challenges.



"Thank you very much for all your effort in always providing variations and effective ways to help me play longer in my workouts.  After having five other trainers before you, I truly appreciated your expertise. " -- June M.