Precision Nutrition at Good Bodies


Precision Nutrition is a client-driven coaching/mentoring program designed to improve your health, body composition, and performance. PN works by identifying your biggest obstacles to success with targeted questionnaires and meetings, then breaks down each obstacle into meaningful, measurable, and realistic goals. Based on your progress, your coach will keep you accountable while adjusting the program to suit your lifestyle.*

The Precision Nutrition program is as follows:

  • 8, in-person meetings over 3 months (30-60 minutes each based on need). These can occur at Good Bodies, client's home, grocery store, Starbucks, client's office, etc. The meeting time may also be used for: grocery store session, pantry clean-out session, or exercise meeting (walk at High Banks, etc.). Sessions will have an educational component, include physical measurements, and set a goal for the next session, expectations for coach and client.
  • Text support or scheduled phone conversations scheduled twice weekly (once as a minimum, 15 minutes each) to check in on progress with weekly goals, trouble shoot food choices, exercise, support, client specific issues, etc.

(2 Seca Tests may be included based on client’s goals or as appropriate)

The cost of the Precision Nutrition program at Good Bodies is $250 a month for 3 months. In addition to the contents described here, clients will receive a comprehensive Precision Nutrition program binder with lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness education materials.

(Precision Nutrition is not a program designed to treat illness or disease or to prescribe a diet to treat conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. If such a program is determined to be necessary, the client will be referred to a Registered Dietitian. Clients with medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes are eligible for the PN program, however).

"My biggest obstacle to success has been believing it's not possible. I have found through hard work and proper training it is possible! Even an older body can get stronger. I am now setting my personal bar higher than I thought possible. 
  " -- Pam D.