Marsha Moore

Profession / Company:  Public Relations/Marketing Director for Deaf Services Center

Time at Good Bodies:  Since April 2014

Favorite Exercise:  Walk-outs and anything Upper Body!

Least Favorite Exercise:  Side Planks!!!  (Even though I do well with these.)

What has personal training, allowed you to do?  To put focus and balance on myself again.  After 20 years of working and taking care of 4 children, I had totally neglected myself.  I couldn't even touch my toes and was so inflexible.  I also had severe neck, shoulder, and back pain all the time. On top of this, I got hit with vestibular neuronitis!

What do you like best about Good Bodies?  The one-on-one training sessions tailored to my needs. Constance knows what exercises for me to do to meet my goals.  The people and trainers are friendly and caring and I feel like a part of the family.

Moreover, personal training, along with M.A.T., Mat Pilates, and Yoga has allowed me to restore my energy, flexibility, balance, and build core abs strength again.  After a few months, I am now even able to touch my toes again!*

Favorite phrase you use with your trainer:  "Breathe" and "Focus" - sometimes when a set seems harder to do, it's because I've forgotten to breathe in & out which makes it so much easier.  The same thing with focus - especially when I do balance exercise, I need to focus to achieve goals.


"Thank you very much for all your effort in always providing variations and effective ways to help me play longer in my workouts.  After having five other trainers before you, I truly appreciated your expertise. " -- June M.