Body Performance


Body Performance Training Series is a Women- Only group strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle program.

    Female-run and female-focused to help you Get YOUR Body Back!*

Body Performance believes strongly in Quality over Quantity. Group size is limited to 8 individuals to promote accountability and insure personal attention to your needs. 

Our BP coaches are known for their attention to detail and hands on coaching and our workouts are a perfect balance of safe, effective and challenging strength training designed for women’s bodies. 

To get started we will schedule a 30 minute free consultation with a Body Performance coach who will introduce you to our female-run and female-focused fitness programs, custom plan options, and our state-of-the-art facilities.

As part of your initial consult we will perform a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to identify faulty movement patterns and asymmetries helping us determine the best path to start you on. 

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"The positive energy is infectious!! We all come to work on our bodies, but the workouts improve our spirits as well!"*- Wendy H.

"Body performance has changed my life! I have noticably increased upper body strength and have remained injury-free while training for a half marathon. My coaches helped me achieve goals I never thought possible!"*- Jan P. 

"I never really enjoyed strength training until I tried Body Performance. There's always something different and new to look forward to. Your positive and cheerful energy make all the difference!"-Barb D.


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"Thank you very much for all your effort in always providing variations and effective ways to help me play longer in my workouts.  After having five other trainers before you, I truly appreciated your expertise. " -- June M.