Whether you are a weekend warrior or competitive athlete, you want to play or compete at your best. The foundation for high-level performance is formed by two key factors, an efficient metabolism and a body free of structural limitations.

We'll Help You...

  • Identify strength and movement imbalances that limit performance.

  • Maximize your metabolism to efficiently burn bodyfat while maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

  • Train smarter without wasting time, energy, or increasing your risk of injury.

  • Set the stage for optimal performance on a consistant basis.


Our Program:

  • Focuses on Structural and/or Metabolic Performance as needed by each participant.

  • Is clinically based and uses the same screening and assessment tools as the NFL, USTA, Titleist Institute, and many collegiate division 1-A athletic programs.

  • Uses Heart Rate training to appropriately apply exercise intensity.

  • Emphasizes corrective exercises to improve structural weaknesses and reduce the potential for injury.

  • Is portable and can be performed at your choice of training facilities.


*Program includes exclusive Good Bodies Cardiovascular membership and discounts on group classes.

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"I have never been more happy with a "gym" before.  All staff members are warm and helpful.  I love walking in and everyone greets you with a smile.  Best trainer and best results I have ever had. " -- Scott S.