Muscle Activation Technique

"The Restorative Yoga workshop I attended was a wonderful experience. As I held each gentle pose, my body relaxed into each stretch and my mind was freed from all agitation. I had no sense of time passing. I was only aware of my body resting and releasing all tension. When the session ended I was amazed that 2 hours had passed. I was at peace physically and mentally. Almost a week later, I am still feeling the glow " -- Joan B.

What is it?: A revolutionary approach to correcting structural imbalances, muscular weakness, and joint discomfort resulting from injury and over use.


If you want to:

  • Move with less restriction and discomfort.*
  • Improve your performance in sporting events or activities.*
  • Get better results from your current training program.*
  • Enhance the quality of your life.*
  • Experience a results-oriented and individualized wellness program where you are an active and informed participant.*

Who can benefit from MAT?
Anyone experiencing the following:

  • Muscular Injury, discomfort, and dysfunction.*
  • Limitations in flexibility and  range of motion.*
  • Impaired ability to participate in preferred activities.*
  • Muscular weakness or tightness.*

How does it work?
MAT uses established and proven Biomechanical and Neurological principles to allow the body to heal itself and regain optimum function.

  • Identifies range of motion imbalances.
  • Tests for muscular weakness.
  • Uses soft tissue palpation to reset impaired muscle tissue, bringing it back to activity and normal function.
  • Uses a "checks and balances" approach to ensure the work performed has produced the desired result.



MAT is a safe and effective method of helping individuals improve the quality of their lives through the restoration of normal muscular function, and is suitable for use by individuals of all ages and ability levels.*

Contact us to discuss whether MAT is an appropriate program  for meeting your individual needs.